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“World’s smallest microwave” is answer to nation’s changing eating habits

British workers may be missing out on bonuses and promotions as a result of the recession, but over 22 million workers (69%*) are also missing out on their mealtimes due to the economic climate.

Beanzawave powered by a laptop

Over 1/5th of the population (20%*) are simply too stressed to take time out for lunch, according to Heinz Beanz research into the nation’s eating habits. With a new culture of “all work and no eat” emerging, it’s no surprise that over three quarters (78%*) of workers end the day feeling lethargic and stressed.

Noticing this change in eating habits and to help time-pressured Brits, microwave expert, Gordon Andrews**, MD of GAMA Microwave Technology Ltd., and Technical Officer of the Microwave Association, has teamed up with Heinz to create a prototype of what is believed to be the world’s smallest portable microwave perfectly sized to fit a Heinz Snap Pot. The Beanzawave gives workers across the country a much needed helping hand to make some of their favourite hot snacks either on the go or at their desk by just plugging the microwave into the USB port on their computers.

Key features of the Beanzawave:

Man using Beanzawave

John Alderman, Marketing Manager for Heinz Beanz says: “Heinz Beanz and Hoops Snap Pots are one of most innovative and successful new products launches in this category for the last two years, boasting sales of over £22 million for Heinz. They were designed in response to the changing eating habits of Brits, who require a quick solution to mealtimes, a trend which is even more relevant in today’s environment. The single serve microwavable Snap Pots allow people to quickly heat and eat. We are therefore delighted to be working with Gordon as the Beanzawave is the perfect partner to Heinz Snap Pots, allowing a nutritious snack to be whipped up anywhere in just 60 seconds!”

The Heinz Snap Pot, launched back in 2007, personalised portions that are simply snapped and heated in the microwave for one minute before being served. They are available in supermarkets nationwide.

For more information, images or an interview with the design team please contact Tallulah or Shannon at the Heinz press office: or +44 20 7234 9150

* The survey, which was conducted by Opinium, used a representative sample of 2,013* GB adults in May 2009.
** Stephen Frazer, MD of Frazer Designers, was responsible for the industrial design and style of the Beanzawave and worked closely with Gordon Andrews to create the final prototype.
✝ Compared to what is believed to be the current smallest microwave measuring 267mm × 254mm × 305mm