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(formerly GAMA CONSULTANTS established 1983)

World’s smallest microwave is answer to nation’s changing eating habits

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GORDON ANDREWS MCMI, Managing Director, GAMA Microwave Technology Limited, has more than 30 years experience of developing microwave and microwave combination ovens.

Papa Award 1999

Gordon is at the forefront of advances in cooking appliance design, and the developer of consumer and catering foodservice microwave combination ovens. He established GAMA in 1983 to provide an independent microwave technology based service, and has since been responsible for many new product developments.

An electrical engineer by profession, with several appliance design patents to his credit, he is also a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, British Standards Institution microwave oven safety and cooking performance committees (1976 to 2001), the British Standards Society, Microwave Technologies Association (Technical Officer), AMPERE (Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education) and the UK Microwave Working Group, helping to harmonize food product heating procedures.

Gordon is also the co-inventor of patented microwave and high frequency TYRE HEATING technology, used to reduce the ‘track-side’ heating time of high performance tyres, within motor racing (winner Le Mans 24 Hour race 2004) and motorcycle Grand Prix events.